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Phablets for low vision and long-sighted users - summary

We have compared the Asus Zenfone 6, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Apple iPhone 6 plus and Nokia Lumia 1320

Phablets for low vision and long-sighted users - the details

Results for text- and zoom magnification, virtual keyboard, speech recognition, mail app, browser, and more

A quick accessibility review of the Blackberry Q10 Smartphone

The Blackberry Q10 is one of the few remaining smartphones with a physical keyboard. We have checked its accessibility features for blind and low vision users.

Tablet test with blind users: Overview

In November 2013 we tested three tablets with blind users: Google's Nexus 7, Apple's iPad mini, and Lenovo's ThinkPad Helix, a Windows 8 hybrid with detachable screen.

Tablet test with blind users: A comparison of common tasks

In November 2013 we tested tablets with blind users to check how accessible they are when using the built-in mobile screen readers in iOS, Android and Windows 8.

Interface issues when using tablets with screen readers

Inaccessible controls, non-modal designs, bad names or labels, or missing instructions: These some of interface issues that impact on blind people using touch devices.

Blind people using touchscreens: The issues

Our tablet tests have revealed some general issues blind users encounter when using touch input on a tablet. We list the issues and illustrate them with examples from the tests.


Best practices for accessible diagram design (draft)

Prepublication draft of a chapter of the forthcoming book "Diagrammatics" (ed. by Clive Richards, Gower publications)

Be My Eyes and See4Me - two new 'lend-me-an-eye' apps for blind people

Be My Eyes and See4Me are two apps under development that promise to lend blind users the eye of a sighted helper. helps picking accessible smartphones, tablets and apps

Each year, many new smartphones and tablets are released. For people intending to purchase a new device, it difficult to get an overview and make an informed choice – especially if they have special needs that require specific accessibility features. has been launched to help.