Conference workshops timetable Thursday, 14. & Friday, 15. March 2013

Conference workshop booking table
Thursday Friday
9 to 12 AM 2 to 5 PM 9 to 12 AM 2 to 5 PM
track 1

Memoirs of a justified coder by Maud McRae

2 places left

Pride and Vendor Prefixes by Cassandra Barnave

2 places left

Cutting corners with code: Crime and Punishment by Chuck Myers

1 place left

Dead souls: The perils of memory leaks by Gunther von Westendorff

11 places left

track 2

Carrots and Sticks: The impact of Mandate 376 by Jacqueline Carnet

18 places left

Far from the madding Flash: Native Video in HTML5 by Sergej Leontiev

2 places left

Of mice and pen: the battle for smart input by Jake Ziegler

2 places left

A hitchhiker's guide to conformance by Emily Chan

19 places left