INCOBS Overview

INCOBS informs about mainstream technologies for blind and low vision users. We test und evaluate smartphones, tablets and apps and report about new assistive technologies and devices.

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Implications of new input modes (touch, speech, gestures) for the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Should the current Success Criterion 2.1.1 Keyboard be replaced by a mode-agnostic Success Criterion?


Be My Eyes and See4Me - two new 'lend-me-an-eye' apps for blind people

Be My Eyes and See4Me are two apps under development that promise to lend blind users the eye of a sighted helper.


21.10.2013 helps picking accessible smartphones, tablets and apps

Each year, many new smartphones and tablets are released. For people intending to purchase a new device, it difficult to get an overview and make an informed choice – especially if they have special needs that require specific accessibility features. has been launched to help.



Blackberry Q10 with home screen magnified

A quick accessibility review of the Blackberry Q10 Smartphone

The Blackberry Q10 is one of the few remaining smartphones with a physical keyboard. We have checked its accessibility features for blind and low vision users.


Section of iPad keyboard seen with colour inversion, blurred

Tablet tests with low vision users: Usability

The usability of tablets changes when using the zoom function - but other aspects also contribute, such as the legibility of virtual keyboards or low contrast.


iPad calendar app icon strongly magnified

Tablet tests with low vision users: Zoom magnification

In our tablet tests, all low vision users relied on the zoom function to carry out tasks. We compare the implementation of zoom on the iPad, the Surface pro, and Android-Tablets.